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The Evil Genius. He lives in an unknown place in sewerage; no one has never seen his face and those who have did not survive to the shock.
Cattivik wears a black tight leotard, and maybe it is not black but just dirty.
His height and build are unknown: in the first photos of the criminal, he was tall and pepper-shaped. Later, his shape resembled more to an aubergine and, after, to a pear. It seems that he has recently taken the shape of a chestnut.

Cattivik is a methodic criminal: he sleeps in sewerage during the day and comes out into the open on nights, provided that his clock works and rings at the right time... Otherwise, he may be active either on mornings or on afternoons.


Dread, shiver and terror, this is his personal anthem, which is also stamped on his manhole cover.
We have made a big, black statue, characterized by the high attention in all its terrifying details and that reveals the big secret behind of the few hair on Cattivik’s head.

Produced without compromises and with the best levels of 3D art possible, this is a statue that every fan of this character must have. Or stole. Yuk! Yuk!

Technical Specifications

  • Height: Inch. 11 (cm. 28)
  • Width: Inch. 9,0 (cm 23) 
  • Weight: Kg. 2,0
  • Limited Edition: 368
  • Author: Silver
  • Sculpt e paint: Mauro Gandini
  • Art Direction: Fabio Berruti
  • License: MCK
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