Welcome to the Collector’s Corner!

Here you can find all the printed material used by Infinite Statue to promote its products since 2007 and Milan’s Cartoomics in 2008 (date of first public launch of the company).

The first to be printed were 10 x 15-cm classic postcards, which still are one of the company’s preferred paper advertising formats.
Postcards follow edition numbers (postcard n° 1, n° 2, etc.) and are printed in only 1.000 copies. In some cases, you may find editions named “bis”, which are not simple reprints, but renewed editions of the original ones.

After postcards, catalogues (such as the “Infinite Statue Gazette”) and posters were printed.
Usually printed in 100 to 150 numbered copies, posters were born as free gifts for those who pre-ordered or bought a statue. Special Editions are also printed for fan clubs, associations or selected shops and re-sellers.

All printed material published by Infinite Statue is always and only in Limited Edition.

Please note also that all Infinite Statue printed material is always distributed as free gifts at fairs we participate to, as homages in statues’ packaging or as Infinite Statue’s homage for the direct purchase of a statue.

Enjoy our exclusive products.

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