Diabolik Ultra Limited

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Diabolik Ultra Limited

Diabolik is the title and main character—an anti-hero—of an Italian comics series. He was created by sisters Angela and Luciana Giussani in 1962. His stories appear in monthly black-and-white, digest-sized booklets. The character was inspired by several previous characters from Italian and French pulp fiction.
Diabolik was born from seeing commuters every day. Creator Angela Giussani, who lived near Milano Cadorna Railway Station, thought of making comics in a format designed for travelling and carrying in one's pocket. To better understand the tastes of her potential readers, Angela made a survey of the market, from which she concluded that many commuters read mystery novels; another version of the story claims that the very idea came from her finding a Fantomas novel abandoned in a train. Thus was born the "Diabolik format" (a small 12 x 17 cm (7 inch) book), which proved popular with other publications in the same genre. The pocketbook format contributed, in fact, to the success of the character.


An incredibly dynamic statue that captured in detail the sculpted body of the great Diabolik. An italian comics-icon from 1962 with thousand of fans. Created by the famous Giussani's sisters in early '60, this collectible statue represent the most infulential tribute to a one of the symbols of Italian comics ever. This Exclusive edition was made in only 62 pieces, in homage to the year of birth of the character and painted in wlack & white coloration.

Technical Specifications

  • Height: Inch. 9,4 (cm. 24)
  • Width: Inch. 11,4 (cm 29) 
  • Weight: Kg. 2,0
  • Limited Edition: 62
  • Author: Angela e Luciana Giussan
  • Sculpt: Mauro Gandini
  • Paint: Nathalie Michaud
  • Art Direction: Fabio Berruti
  • License: Astorina Srl
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