George Nagulov

Born in 1978 in Belgrade in a country that doesn’t exist anymore, I discovered tragically late that I could make 3d art for a living. I spent about a decade pushing verts in Max, mostly doing 3d modeling for commercials, before I heard about digital sculpting -- and even though I never cared much for sculpting with clay, once I tried Zbrush I was hooked.

I live in Canada now. Beside collectibles, I also make characters for games. They usually wear clothes, but personally I’m happiest when I get to do anatomy studies. I’m self-taught and with no traditional art background, so it was my own passion for anatomy that drove me to learn as much as I can about the human form. It’s a long road still.

I suspect the next frontier for character sculpting will be in VR. Considering the eye-watering amount of money I spent on a vr headset, I guess you could call me an early adopter. Messing around with digital clay in virtual reality has been challenging but mind-blowing. It’s early days yet, but the potential is immense.



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