Michael Jackson's Thriller UL

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Michael Jackson's Thriller UL

Infinite Statue is proud to present the "Michael Jackson" project, an initiative that will project fans and admirers of this great artist into a new dimension through a real and impassioned tribute to the "King of Pop".
No other in the world of music, dance, entertainment and public image was, and perhaps will ever be, like Michael Jackson, who had become the biggest star of all times.
His persona became a legend leaving an indelible mark on the world of imagination for over thirty years always revolutionising music, dance, videos, clothing, style, image, promotion and live performances as well as shattering all sales records, something which was not matched by any other artist. He was an epochal and worldwide phenomena knocking down racial, geographic and cultural barriers much like a global earthquake. Michael Jackson is without a doubt one of the most important icons of the XX century.


Only 82 copies have been made of this Special Ultra Limited Edition in celebration of the year in which the album "Thriller" was released and to make this authentic collectors piece one of a kind in its category. Taken from the original sculpture of the Limited Edition version, this version has been treated with a special fine gold metallic chromium plating directly on the polystone base so that the final result is extremely precious and resplendent. A tribute to the great prestige for the biggest star of all times and only 82 fans will be able to own this piece and place it together with their most coveted and rare collector’s items. A statue that is already a legend.

Technical Specifications

  • Height: Inch. 7,0 (cm. 17,8)
  • Width: Inch. 4,3 (cm 11) 
  • Weight: Kg. 0,9
  • Limited Edition: 82
  • Author: Michael Jackson
  • Sculpt: Mauro Gandini
  • Art Direction: Fabio Berruti
  • License: M.J. under license MJ Licensing LLC
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