Otto / Sturmtruppen

€ 59,95

Otto / Sturmtruppen

Sturmtruppen was a successful Italian series of anti-war comic books written and drawn by Bonvi, the artistic pseudonym of Franco Bonvicini. It started as four-frame comic strips back in 1968 and evolved into fully sized collector books by the 1990s. The series continued until the early 2000s.


Here then you "Otto", the famous, upright, scrupulous, scared and distracted "Soldato semplicen", victim of all the craziness of the sergeant and you have several "cappuccino's army" around.

For Otto an order is an order and nothing can stop him ... not even mine!

Technical Specifications

  • Height: cm 13 
  • Width: cm 11 
  • Weight: Kg. 0,8 (circa)
  • Limited Edition: 350
  • Author: Bonvi
  • Sculpt: Daniele “Danko” Angelozzi
  • Paint: Infinite Statue production Team
  • Art Direction: Fabio Berruti
  • License: Bonvi/Eredi Bonvicini
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