Nosferatu 100th Anniversary 1:6 Deluxe Edition Action Figure

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Available on: domenica, 26 settembre, 2032

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Infinite Statue & Collectibles and Kaustic Plastik present: Nosferatu 100th Anniversary Deluxe Action Figure a new entry in our Action! Collectible. Nosferatu Deluxe Edition, is 1/6 scale action figure, with fabric clothes, a big range of extra parts and accessories.

Material PVC
Size inch 11.81
Scale 1:6
Weight kg 2
Limited Edition TDB
Outfit KP Team
3D Accessories Inigo Gil
3D Sculpt Daniele "Danko" Angelozzi
Master Paint
Dario Barbera
Product Management Fabio Varesi
Art Direction Fabio Varesi & Fabio Berruti
Availability 4th Quarter 2023

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Nosferatu made his first appearance on cinema screens in March 1922. A hundred years have gone by, but still today, his contorted shadow and skeletal hand gripping Ellen’s heart instils terror into us all.

In the film Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror, a masterpiece by German director Friedrich Murnau considered a classic of horror cinematography, the terrifying Count Orlok, with pointed ears and sunken eyes, is played by Max Schreck. His rigid, ephemeral figure forever lurking in the shadows is memorable and, appropriately for a vampire, his ghost shows no sign of disappearing, even after the passage of another century. 

In fact, from the scenes of Murnau’s famous film, the immortal Nosferatu is brought back to life by our team of artists who, with their skilful work, have recreated his lugubrious and emaciated figure in incredible detail.

– One Count Orlok Headsculpt with synthetic hairs around ears (Hand-painted)

– One Count Orlok Headsculpt with Hat (Hand-painted)

– 8 interchangeable forearms with hands 

– One Fully articulated body (approx. 31 cm)

– Grey Long Jacket

– Black Pants

– Black Scarf

– Black shoes (Magnetic)

– One set of Keys

– One Medallion with Ellen image

– One Letter

– Two Plague Rats

– Magnetic standard Stand

– One Luxury movie accurate Coffin (DELUXE AND EXCLUSIVE EDITION ONLY)

PLEASE NOTE: By purchasing on our site, you will receive the fantastic 1:1 Scale Prop Replica of Nosferatu Letter!


Data sheet

Daniele "Danko" Angelozzi
Master Painter
Dario Barbera

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