Jerry Di Tullio

Jerry Di Tullio is a graphic designer based in Macerata, a small city in central Italy. Born in 1973, he has a a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts and works in a local company where he manages all the stuff related to graphic design, from web-building to product packaging.
he has former experiences working creating graphics for the indie music industry and teaching web design in the academy of his city.
during the rare freetime (he is married with a child) he cultivates his many passions, most of them related to board and miniature games. together with his best friend he run also a small shop selling games and stuff for hobby modelling, and inside of it he has created a corner that he uses as personal laboratory to paint stuff, from miniatures to statues.
he is a great resource for infinite statue, as he is often the guy involved in painting prototypes of the statues, that are used during the mass production as reference for the final output. he created the prototype paintings for all the latest products, especially the ones related to the "old and rare" series.