Silver (Guido Silvestri)

Silver, nom de plume of Guido Silvestri (Carpi, 9 December 1952), is an Italian comic book artist, mainly known for having brought to life the comic character of Lupo Alberto.
In 1961, the family moved to Correggio, where Guido would stay for eight years: at the age of 17, he decided to move back to Modena, to start working in the comic book field in the studio of Franco Bonvicini - a.k.a. Bonvi - author of the Sturmtruppen, with whom he did his apprenticeship. He initially worked on characters that were already famous, such as Cattivik, Nick Carter and Capitan Posapiano; in short, he expanded his activity by starting to write his own stories, still maintaining these characters as the protagonists.

His comic strips, as well as in comics on newsstands, can also be found in the weekly TV guide Sorrisi e Canzoni, where he provides biting commentary on Italian TV programmes. He has lived in Milan for over twenty years.