Daniele "Danko" Angelozzi

Daniele “Danko” Angelozzi defines himself an artisan 2.0, working in the field of 3d modeling and digital sculpting.

His career starts 10 ten years ago, when, after a phD in biotechnology realizes that he wants to work with his real passion, creativitiy and design, and starts a self taught path to learn 3d from scratch.

In few years, thanks probably to his greatest talent (luck) he becomes the first italian zbrush certified instructor and achieves important goals, with some of his works being featured in websites and magazines. thanks to the visibility obtained, he manages to really turn his crazy passion in a real job, with clients paying for him to play with digital clay all the day.

Nowadays Danko is still very active: in the field of teaching, he was the first in Italy to adopt the webinar formula to teach 3d classes, and in the meantime, as he uses to say, he makes a living out of "sculpting stuff and creating silly things".

Lead sculptor for infinite statue, he has collaborations in the industries of videogame , miniatures, cnc mills, ads and tv.