Inspired to the legend of silent cinema Louise Brooks, Valentina is one of the most famous comic-strip women in the world, the only female protagonist ever. She’s appreciated not only by men, for whom she embodies an elegant, sensual and refined dream, but also by women, as an icon of independence, charm and seduction.
Although she’s a dreamer, Valentina lives in a credible world. Her birth date, her ID, her relationships, her son, her job, her car, her dresses, her home-belongings: everything about her is real, an accurate reproduction of a possible everyday life.
First appeared in 1965 on the magazine Linus, Valentina became very soon an iconic character in the 60s and 70s, attesting ways and fashions in the following decades as well. Even nowadays her innovative and ground-breaking style make her more modern than ever. The complexity of her personality, with its multiple aspects and contradictions, induced many women to identify themselves with her. Valentina was featured not only in her comic-strips, but also in a movie, in a TV-series and in a novel.
Nowadays Valentina embodies a timeless and all-round beauty which can be declined into a refined and classy merchandising. Her personality allowed her to become independent from her own fictional status and to be reborn as a contemporary icon. A frame of mind that is rich in style and insight, preserving her from vulgarity. This kind of insight triggers a feeling of identification in the audience, as proved by the many Facebook-profiles of young people who have never read Valentina’s stories but still want to make her feelings like their own. Valentina lives her own time without getting dowsed into it. A global ambition which can belong to a teen-ager as well as to a mature 40-er, or to a ‘newby’ as well as an old-time Valentina reader.