Angelina from Sacro/Profano

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Angelina from Sacro/Profano

Angelina is the main character of the Sacred/Profane saga, a true editorial success of the last years. Sacred/Profane is a humoristic comic series about the love and sexual life of the two protagonists: Angelina, a tempting Angel and Damiano, an unlucky devil.
A hilarious comic series centered on gags, which forms part of the so called “euromanga” genre, who combines the oriental inspiration with the European style. The series is written, drawn and coloured by Mirka Andolfo.


The first two volumes of the saga attracted thousands of fans who now follow Mirka on her public appearances.
The sought-after third volume will be presented at Lucca Comics festival in 2015, and contemporarily Infinite Statue will start the distribution of the statue.
In all her splendor and her great sexy allure, here you have Angelina statue, created with the highest quality levels, in a limited edition you cannot loose!

Technical Specifications

  • Height: cm. 23 (Inch. 9)
  • Width: cm. 11 (Inch. 4,3)
  • Weight: Kg 1 
  • Limited Edition: 250
  • Author: Mirka Andolfo
  • Sculpt: Daniele "Danko" Angelozzi
  • Art Director: Fabio Berruti
  • Paint: Infinite production Team
  • License: Mirka Andolfo
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