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Once you have chosen one or more items from our catalogue, you will need to add it to your cart by clicking on “Add to cart”. At order submission, you will be required to insert your personal details for billing and shipment or register with Infiniteststue.com for your future purchases. After that, you will have to follow the instructions on the screen to finalize your order and select the payment method.For information on Returns, please click on Terms of Use.
The following payment methods are accepted on Infinitestatue.com: cash on delivery (for Italy only), Credit Card (standard, pre-paid, PayPal) and wire transfer in advance (please see below paragraph). You will receive additional payment information in “Order & Shipment Confirmation” email. All transactions are safe and protected by dedicated servers, and your details will be encrypted.For more information, please visit: http://www.bankpass.it
Please use a soft and dry brush to eliminate the dust on top of the statue. In case of any spots, use water and neutral soap only.WARNING: do not use any chemical solvent, denatured alcohol or similar products.
Infinite Statue gives a lot of importance to your purchases and consigns its shipments to the main couriers in Italy (GLS, SDA, BRT) and abroad (UPS). It is possible to track and follow shipments 24/7 from the moment they leave our warehouse. Delivery time vary depending on the delivery location: in Italy, except from Islands, delivery is usually effected within 24-48 hours. A useful suggestion for everyone: please always indicate a delivery address where someone is available to pick-up the parcel, so as to avoid any inconvenient and/or delay (as an alternative to your home address, you may insert your office/work one). Upon request, it is also possible to agree with the courier a telephonic pre-alert call, a scheduled delivery or the direct pick-up from the closest courier warehouse.
Deliveries in Italy cost € 9.50. For more-than-one-item orders, shipment costs are lower. Shipping costs inside European Union amount to € 12; delivery costs for shipments outside EU vary depending in the final destination. At order placement, it will be displayed an estimated shipping cost, which will be re-confirmed in “Order & Shipment Confirmation” email.

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Every package for each model is created and tested to provide the highest levels in security during transport. In case of any damages or flaws, you will be required to inform Infinite Statue via email at info@infinitestatue.com within 48 hours from the receipt of the parcel, specifying order date & number and detailing the flaw you have detected. We will then send one of our couriers to pick up the parcel and, once the statue is received and inspected, a substitutive item will be sent back at our charge. Should the same product not be available because run out-of-stock in the meantime, you will have the possibility to choose either another product of the same worth or the reimbursement of the funds.Notifications received after the terms indicated will not be taken into account.
Please remind that resin or Polystone objects have the same solidity of ceramic ones; therefore, they are highly breakable in some specific points. Open the packaging with care and possibly have it done by an adult or under its supervision (as specified, resin statues are not suitable for users under 14 years old). Some of the statues need some assembly (e.g. installing a statue over its base through some hidden pivots): in order to avoid any damages to your statue, please unpack it without rush and do not ever force or rotate the joints, neither try to assemble the statue in a different way from the standard one.
In case of accidental damages, we recommend to use instant ceramic/glass glue in small quantities, in order to avoid glue smears, which will be hard to remove from painted parts.
The majority of the items created by Infinite Statue are numbered Limited Editions. This means that each model is produced in a limited number of copies, which is indicated in the statue’s TDS (e.g. Limited Edition 338 means that there are only 338 copies of that specific item). Once the production of a statue model is completed, the original mould is destroyed and, once out-of-stock, no new statues will be produced. In addition, there are a few (no more than 15) “artist proof” copies for each statue model, with no assigned number and destined to the authors, the assistants and to our archive.Sometimes there may exist non-numbered limited editions.
By subscribing to our newsletter (“The Infinite Statue Gazette”), you will regularly receive our bulletin about new statues’ projects and special offers in pre-access.It is possible to unsubscribe from the newsletter in any time by clicking on the dedicated link in the newsletter email.