Charlie Chaplin "The Kid"

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Charlie Chaplin "The Kid"

Many of Chaplin’s admirers regard “The Kid” as his most perfect and most personal film.

"A picture with a smile… and perhaps, a tear."


Chaplin wrote, produced, directed and starred in the silent comedy-drama film, which featured Jackie Coogan as his adopted son and sidekick. When Chaplin saw Jackie Coogan singing and dancing on stage as a vaudeville performer, he knew the boy had star quality and wrote The Kid with Coogan in mind. Chaplin was right. The film made Coogan into the first major child star of the film industry. Later, as an adult, Coogan played Uncle Fester in the successful TV show The Addams Family.

This astounding statue is a tribute to one of the most important films of the silent movie era, and where capture all the beauty and emotions that the film has given to many generations of viewers.

Technical Specifications

  • Height: Inch. 10,7 (cm. 25)
  • Width: Inch. 5,1 (cm 13) 
  • Weight: Kg. 1,5
  • Limited Edition: 400
  • Author: Charlie Chaplin
  • Sculpt: Daniele “Danko” Angelozzi
  • Paint: Jerry Di Tullio
  • Art Direction: Fabio Berruti
  • License: Bubbles Incorporated S.A.
  • Availability: October/November 2017
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