Infinite Statue story: the first 10 years

Infinite Statue Story (2007 - 2017)

In the early 2000s, a new way of collecting, with an always-growing demand of 3D reproductions of comic and cinema heroes, began spreading among fans. Even though there had already been aims to launch this collecting branch, it was only in those years that the new products became always more appreciated and requested from a wide range of fans all over the world.

Action Figures, such as partially articulated plastic objects with fabric clothes, were already in use since many years and were the only example of 3D representations (e.g. Star Wars statuettes from 70s and 80s). It was the introduction of proper statues, made in resin and with lots of unique details, what was new and interesting for collectors. And with the release of the first movie from Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, the new mode was catalyzed.

In Italy, the producer Gianfranco Grieco explored 3D world possibilities by creating small and valuable statues, which had unfortunately a short life. After nearly two years of preparation in 2005 and 2006, Fabio Berruti gave birth to Infinite Statue, born from the idea of creating something more exclusive and detailed to launch in this growing sector.

Nothing was easy during the long process that brought to the birth of Infinite Statue and lots of aspects needed to be coordinated between them in the best way possible: from the detection and the obtainment of the licenses, to the research of the artists (sculptors, decorators, series production supervisors, etc.), with always keeping an eye on those who were already releasing this type of items on overseas markets.

Therefore, producing the first two statues with the support of an US studio, Gentle Giant, seemed the best starting point. They helped us in outlining the project thanks to their experience in resin statues’ world (where they had obtained important licenses for Star Wars) and in 3D scanning for movies. In order to be able to produce the statue, we had to obtain licenses first. It then began a sort of pilgrimage among comic publishers, movie producers and the movie archive in Rome, the Archivio Cinematografico di Roma.

Despite months and months of work, it turned out that obtaining licenses for movie characters was not so easy because too many years had passed from the first release of the movies and the owners of the licenses were unknown and no one had thought about the opportunity of producing 3D statues inspired to the main characters. After more than 10 years, nothing has changed in Italian movie world, but Infinite Statue keeps trying to find a solution in order to have the opportunity to reproduce famous old movie characters in wonderful 3D statues.

At the time we began, the only thing to do was to concentrate all our efforts and ideas in comic world, where we had some difficulties as well, like convincing people that we were capable in our job without having ever produced anything. Most of the attempts remained so, but finally something changed when Giancarlo Brandi and Ivo Milazzo after him said that they wanted to “discuss about it”: Ken Parker’s license was the first one.

Contemporarily, since comic world was still static, Fabio focused on cartoons and, in particular, proposed to Bruno Bozzetto to produce a statue of his character, Mr. Rossi. These two licenses gave Infinite Statue the opportunity to start building the image of the company through the production of the first statues and the launch of the website in 2007.
In March 2008, Infinite Statue attended for the first time to Cartoomic exhibition in Milan, and was in Lucca Comics in October later that year.

The following years brought to the acquisition of new licenses and to the first big successes.

At the same time of the launch of the cartoon TV series, Infinite Statue created the first statue of Rat-Man and the ones inspired to the cartoon itself. In 2013, we finally produced the comic inspired statue.

Thanks to the statue of Dylan Dog, Infinite Statue obtained unexpected notoriety among interested fans, becoming a first position brand for collectors and lovers both in Italy and abroad: the statue of Corto Maltese, for example, was launched on the exigent French-Belgian market with very good results. The company was then well assessed and well known thanks to its Italian comic inspired statues; but the bust of Michael Jackson opened to Infinite Statue the doors of overseas market.

Becoming worldwide means to be able to promote and distribute the products in the best way possible and it is for this reason that, in 2012, Infinite Statue decided to merge with the biggest European distributor in the field, Cosmic Group. This strategy brought to a big company growth and gave Fabio Berruti the opportunity to focus on artistic and licensing aspects of the job.

After a short period, it was the time of the Old & Rare line and its distribution by Sideshow, a giant of the sector. This first ten years have been both awesome and tiring, and are testimony of the raise of Infinite Statue as an incomparable brand in the sector, thanks to a radical change in the world of collecting.

After thousands of sold statues and hundreds of collectors interested in our creations, we can easily say that this is just the beginning!


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