Fabio Varesi

Fabio Varesi is the Art Director of Kaustic Plastik, a leading company in the european market of ⅙ dolls that he founded in 2009. Born in Rome 1973, from a very young age Varesi has been passionate about tin soldiers and hobby modeling, joining several european competitions. In 1997 he contributed at the creation of a large-scale niche market, sets of handmade World War II Italian soldiers. In Italy he has been a pioneer in the trade of artisanal custom figure 1:6 scale dolls.

Between 2000 and 2008 he worked in Milan as prototype maker, quality control and historical researcher for the Twisting Toyz company, the first company in Europe to produce ⅙ Dolls. Those were the golden years of the ⅙. Collecting this kind of model boomed, triggering new experimentation and production techniques. From then on, the 1/6 “dolls” became museum replicas.

The attention to detail in those scale replicas was so accurate to attract the interest of different specialized militaria magazines’ that published the Dolls’ historical research alongside their own. A milestone article was published by Uniformi e Armi (December 2008, 152). The historical research made to realize an Italian parachute Doll at El Alamein filled a gap of the Italian military cloakroom during the African conflict.

In 2008 Varesi founded the Kaustic Plastik (KP) whose masterpiece is the ancient Rome theme. The company immediately shone brightly for the quality and the attention to details of its Dolls, affirming itself in an already crowded market. Some of their productions are displayed in museums and galleries such as the Palazzo Pretorio of Sovana, the Stadio Domiziano museum of Rome and the Suncoast Center for Fine Scale Modeling museum in Florida.

In 2013 Varesi was hosted by the popular Rai TV programme, Stracult. The KP masterpieces are broadcasted throughout the episode, a special on the Peplum cinema, and Fabio was interviewed as the maximum Dolls’ expert in Italy.

Due to its connection and love for historical themes, in 2013 KP began to sponsor the excavation of a Roman villa site in Tuscany in the Biagiola area (Sovana) in order to foster archaeological research in Italy and enhance the territory.

In 2020 the artistic partnership between Infinite Statue and Kaustic Plastik led to the creation of the first official Bud Spencer Doll.

And it’s just the beginning!