Il Signor Rossi

Mr Rossi (Italian: Signor Rossi) is a cartoon character created by italian animator Bruno Bozzetto.
He was first seen in several short films, about ten minutes each.
The show had a life span of 15 years with 6 episodes, 3 movies and 11 skits.

In Italy Rossi is the most common surname, suggesting to the Italian spectator that Mr. Rossi stands for the average Italian man and that he could be anyone. He also appears in a couple of feature length animations, including one where he is seen unhappy in life and single until he befriends his neighbour's talking dog Harold (Gastone in original Italian) and a Witch who grants him wishes where they have many exciting adventures. In Italy the show was known as "Il Signor Rossi cerca la felicità" whilst in English-speaking countries it was known as The Fantastic Adventures of Mr. Rossi (where it was broken down into a TV series for children's TV) or Mr. Rossi Looks for Happiness.

In the United States Mr. Rossi has become known not only as a children's film but also as a cult "druggie" film for its psychedelic coloring, jokes and mushroom references. The recent adoption of the Mr. Rossi series to the "druggie" culture is not unlike what has happened to other classic children's films

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