Mona Street

Boston, end of the twenties. Mona Street is a astute young woman just coming out from college. Mona is twenty-three, soft silhouette, cunningly boasted, an innocent face, with an ironic look and a faint smile. She is always fashionable (according to the twenties, of course), but never provoking, even though one cartoon after the other she stands out with provocative negligé, laces and black socks just over the knee.

Mona Street complies with the English epoch standards, but if you thing about mona in the Venetian dialect, the "femininity cradle" par excellence (and sinedoche for woman as well) and if you add that Leone Frollo comes from Venice (from Rialto even more, the centre of the lively Serenissima republic), than the confusion plays the lord and master. Add that by assonance in Italian the surname Street stands for "narrow" and then the goliardic die is cast.

The malicious blinking stands out from her name but any story whose real protagonist is Mona Street features unique erotism, cunningly told by the author that with a soft and voluptuous Indian ink lines trace a different character from the Cartoon heroines, always subdued by men: Mona Street is a false naive joking and sometimes selling her own sex.

From the lively Sapphic college memories to the affairs with men, prancing young me and elderly sex-starved wasters, Leone Frollo stages his sensuality and never skimps perverted habits and old-fashioned erotic bends.

The cartoon Mona Street is published in three illustrated books and marks the consecration of Leone Frollo among the quality erotic cartoons.
A confirmation of an entire artistic life, as Frollo is a famous writer approaching any genre of cartoons, and while confirming eros, starts from the popular Snow White dating back to 1972 to the provocative heroines up to a series of watercolours, coloured pencils, Indian inks… published in monographs and quality magazines such as Glamour, Diva, [nu]... And finally Mona Street, his own character (text and drawings as well), constantly published all over the worlds: from the European countries (France, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Scandinavian countries ) to Latin America and the United States.

Certainly when readers did not get the calembour of her name, they were certainly appalled by her unique sensuality, among naivety and studied malice, spotting from the different cartoons with hers innocent provocative smiles.